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Business cash managers need to know their daily cash position in order to stay on top of business opportunities. Herrin Security Bank's Business Online Banking allows business customers to access this vital information from the convenience of the workplace via a personal computer. Using Business Online Banking saves time. By performing simple inquiries you can quickly determine your account balance. This access to valuable information allows for the accurate use of funds for immediate investment and investment forecasting. Transaction tracing provides detail for specific dollar amounts, serial numbers, or a full day's transactions. And on-line availability extends access to information beyond regular banking hours.

Account Inquires - Inquire about your businesses checking, savings, certificate of deposit and loan accounts. Displayed information includes current balance, projected available balances, interest paid, payment information and most recent transaction dates and amounts.

Transaction Inquiries - Inquire about items for presentment (items to be posted during the next update), a "search" for a particular posted item, or a full transcript of all transactions posted since the most recent statement cycle. 

Transfer Requests - Initiate a transfer of funds between accounts or another type of service provided by Herrin Security Bank. For your security, transfer request must be between predefined accounts, and must be within guidelines of minimum and maximum amounts and increments. Transfer requests and requests for other financial services can require review and approval or disapproval by an authorized bank employee. 

File Transfers - Transfer a file from your PC to the Bank. This could be used to transfer direct payroll information in a secure environment.

Stop Pay Inquiries - Review one stop payment per account, or all stop payments 

Stop Pay Requests - Request a stop payment order on a single item or range of items. 


Business Online Banking has various levels of security on account, company, and individual user levels, including: daily user dollar limits, I.D. and password, password aging, invalid logon, and automatic log off. 

If you would like more information about Herrin Security Bank's Business Online Banking services or would like an application sent to you, please call 618-942-3151 or email us using or secure contact function.

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