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Can I get my bank statement sent to me electronically?

Herrin Security Bank offers electronic statements for customers that participate in online banking.  To sign up to receive electronic statements please contact one of our customer services representatives at 618-942-3151.

Can I make my loan payment automatically from my checking account?

Yes.  Herrin Security Bank offers automatic loan payments.  The amount of your payment can be automatically transferred from your checking account on the date your payment is due.

I did not authorize this transaction.  What do I do?

It depends on whether the transaction is POS, an ACH or a check.  If the transaction is POS:  point of sale, then this has to do with a debit card transaction.  You would need to contact our debit card coordinator for specific instructions.  If the transaction is an ACH or Check, then you can place a stop payment order.  See below for instructions on placing a stop payment order.

How do I request a stop payment order?  Is there a charge?

You can place a stop payment order in person or by phone.  Although you may request that a stop payment be placed on a check or automatic withdrawal over the phone, you will still need to visit the bank within two weeks to sign and fully execute the request.  If we are able to place a stop payment on the item, there will be a $25.00 charge for each item you request to be stopped.

As long as the item in question has not cleared or posted to your account, you may request that payment be refused by Herrin Security Bank.  To stop an automatic withdrawal, especially one that is recurring on a regular interval, i.e. insurance payment, utility payment, please contact us at least two business days from the expected payment withdrawal date.

We will need information as what number the check was, when it was written, the payee, and the reason for requesting the stop payment order.  Once the stop payment order is placed in our system and the request is signed, the stop payment will stay on your account for six months.

How do I access telephone banking?

The number to access telephone banking is 618 942-8353.  You will need your PIN to access accounts, if you do not know what your PIN is, contact customer service in bookkeeping and they can help you with that information. 

I purchased a cashier’s check and it hasn’t been received or it is lost, what can I do?

Cashier’s checks aren’t like a normal check where a stop payment order would apply.  We must receive written notification from the payee that they have not received the item and do not have an interest in the item.  At that point we can place a stop payment order, and a new check be issued.  Should the written notification not be available, then we must wait 90 days to assure the item does not present, then a new check can be issued in that instance.

How can I get copies of items I have deposited?  How can I get a duplicate statement?

Contact our Accounting Department at 942-3151.  A customer service representative can retrieve the item for you.

Electronic Banking

I tried to log in to my accounts and it won’t let me in?

If you haven’t logged in to your online banking in more than 2 months or if you have had more than three unsuccessful login attempts, then you will need to contact the bank to your online banking access id and password reinstated.  Due to banking guidance we cannot allow a password that never expires.  If you have logged in recently, but cannot access accounts, check your caps lock or number lock keys to assure that isn’t a problem.  If that still doesn’t correct the issue, contact a customer service representative so they may investigate the situation. 

How do I sign up for bill pay?

Below your list of accounts should be a hyper link.  Click on the link and follow the steps.  If you would like to see a demonstration, click on the electronic bill pay tab and follow the demo, you even have the opportunity to pay bills on a test account before actually paying your own. 

How do I transfer funds?

If you would like to see the full suite of how our online banking works, there is a demonstration available on the online banking page, just click the show demo link.  However, to transfer funds one time, click on the Express Transfer button to transfer funds from one account to another.  Simply select the appropriate accounts following the instructions from the drop down menus, fill the in the desired amount and click the submit button, you will then need to confirm the transaction for the transfer to take place.  It is a good idea for your records to retain the confirmation number of the transfer. 

You may also schedule transfers that occur at a time you specify.  Select the New Scheduled Transfer option.  Select the appropriate accounts and when you want the transfer to occur, along with the amount of the transfer.  Save the transfer by following the instructions on screen.  Should you desire to have the transfer removed, you may delete it at your discretion.

What are your hours of operation?

Our business hours are located on the Contact Us page.

Where are your ATMs located?



Drive Up

114 West Monroe Street

Herrin, IL

Main Branch

Walk Up

204 South Main Street

Royalton, IL

Royalton Branch

Walk Up

817 North Park Avenue

Herrin, IL

Gas Mart (Outside South)

Walk Up

1609 South Park Avenue

Herrin, IL

Krogers (Just Inside)

Walk Up

201 South 14th Street

Herrin, IL

Herrin Hospital(Main Lobby)


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