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Key Savings

Establish an Emergency Account and earn interest at the same time?  If this sounds like something you need then the Herrin Security Bank Key Savings account is for you.

Looking for a service that can save you money?  We know that keeping track of the balance in your checking account is not the highest priority in your busy schedule.  Herrin Security Bank can help you avoid inadvertent overdraft charges by transferring money from your savings account, in multiples of $25.00, into your checking account.  Your check is not returned and you saved money.

Need Help Saving?  Herrin Security Bank can transfer money from your checking account into your savings account automatically.  Tell us how much and how often you would like to transfer funds from your checking account to your savings account, then stand back and watch your savings grow.

 Minimum $50.00 Deposit to Open Account

See a Herrin Security Bank Customer Service Representative for full account details and disclosures.

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