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Personal Lending

Key Plus

At Herrin Security Bank you can have your own personal line of credit.

Once you have applied and received approval for this valuable and versatile extension of your Herrin Security Bank non-interest bearing checking account, you can write yourself a loan or make a purchase, anytime, simply by writing a check.

Here's how it works. Anytime you write a check for more than the remaining balance of your account, Herrin Security Bank automatically lends you the necessary money in multiples of $100.00 -up to the limit of your KeyPlus Line of Credit.

Protect Yourself

KeyPlus line of credit is a way of protecting yourself if you run short of money. It can also help you avoid an overdraft situation.

No special checks, no need to fill out an application each time you want to borrow, no waiting for problems! KeyPlus line of credit is ready when you are.

As you repay, your full KeyPlus line of credit is restored so that it is available to you again and again.

Contact a Herrin Security Bank customer service representative for full details and disclosures.

Consumer Loans

Looking for a loan to purchase a Car, Truck, Boat or R.V.

Whether its for a new or used car, truck, boat or RV, Herrin Security Bank will work with you to make your purchase as easy and affordable as possible with competitive rates and flexible terms. We provide quick response, local decisions, and local service.  

Before you buy, sell, or trade, you may want to visit these websites to find out more about pricing and information on the vehicle you are looking to purchase and/or trade.

Call a Herrin Security Bank loan officer at 618-942-3151 to find the right loan product for you.


Key Equity Line of Credit

Unlock your financial freedom with a KeyEquity line of credit

A KeyEquity Line of Credit is a form of revolving credit in which your home serves as collateral. Based on the available equity in your home, you can access as much or as little of your approved credit as you need at any time, providing you with maximum flexibility. KeyEquity is subject to applicants credit approval.

Once approved for a KeyEquity Line of Credit, you will be able to borrow up to your credit limit whenever you want.

With a KeyEquity Line of Credit, you can manage your account online anytime, day or night.

Use the funds anyway you choose - you decide when, how, and on what!

Your interest is billed monthly, and you have seven years to repay the principal at your convenience. You can also have the interest automatically deducted from your checking account monthly.

When you itemize your taxes at the end of the year, interest paid on your KeyEquity Line of Credit may be tax deductible. Consult a tax advisor regarding the deductibility of interest.

Make an appointment with one of our knowledgeable loan representatives for all the details.

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