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Savings Bonds

Savings Bonds are now online.  Click Here to go to the Treasury Department's on line savings bond web site.

Savings Bonds are not insured by the FDIC.

Automated Funds Transfers

Automatically move funds over a set amount to make money available.

We can electronically help you manage funds in your account by moving incremental dollar amounts or all amounts over a set dollar, thus making more money available for investing.  Contact a Customer Service Representative for further information.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Herrin Security Bank has safe deposit boxes available for secure storage of valuable and important documents. Safe deposit boxes are available in various sizes at both the Herrin and Royalton locations.

See a Herrin Security Bank Customer Service Representative today

Contents of Safe Deposit Boxes are not insured by the F.D.I.C.

Direct Deposit

The benefits of direct deposit are numerous:

Direct Deposit helps you manage your money and gives you peace of mind.

  • Direct Deposit gives you control. Financial planners recommend Direct Deposit as a way to start gaining control of your finances.
  • A 2006 survey showed that people that use Direct Deposit that save for education saved $90 more per month than people who used other methods.
  • Direct Deposit gives you peace of mind. The payment is always there no matter where you are.

Over a quarter century of success proves that Direct Deposit is safe and confidential.

  • No Direct Deposit payments have been lost. "Once an ACH payment (Direct Deposit) is created, it really cannot become lost," according to NACHA.
  • Direct Deposit is more confidential. "There is considerably more security and control with an electronic transaction."
  • Direct Deposit uses the same safeguards and security that companies and the government use to transmit money to each other every day.

You can use the direct deposit form to sign up today.  Simply print it out, fill it out and bring it in to us or visit the website and sign up online.  It is important to note that if you wish to change something about your existing direct deposit, you must contact Go Direct at 1-800-333-1795, go to the paying agency or visit the website to make those changes.  The direct deposit form can only be used to sign up for direct deposit i.e. converting from receiving a paper check to an electronic deposit.

Direct Deposit Form

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Wire Transfers

Need to get money some where fast?  Herrin Security Bank's Wire Transfer services can transfer money from your account to anywhere in the United States and locations aboard.  Many times during the same business day.  Wire transfers can be initiated over the telephone.  The business customer receives an identification number to insure the security of the transaction.  Wire transfer services from Herrin Security Bank is another way to save time.

Contact a Herrin Security Bank Customer Service Representative for wiring instructions.

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