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Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture is a service offered to Herrin Security Bank Business clients to capture items at the client’s office rather than bringing those items to the bank branch to be deposited. The process is completed by the client utilizing a scanner as the capture unit. The scanner reads the MICR data printed at the bottom of the documents and this is how the scanner “communicates” with the product to know where to extract numerical and written information; also known as Courtesy Amount Recognition (CAR). Some benefits of Remote Deposit Capture include:

Accelerated Clearings

The Remote Deposit Capture service offered by Herrin Security Bank allows business customers the ability to capture deposits in their office and eliminate the need for the checks to be transported to the bank. This reduction of the transportation time from the total processing lifecycle of a check provides a longer time for the business to process the checks. Often, this additional processing time allows the business to deposit more items at an earlier cutoff time than they otherwise would.

Reduced Return Item Risk

The faster an item clears, the faster you'll learn about return items.

Reduced Transportation Costs / Convenience

Now that full truncation of checks is possible, substantial savings can be had from reductions in transportation expenses. We say "reduction" because there will be items which may be unsuitable and unable to be processed via Remote Deposit Capture, and therefore must still be deposited in paper form at a bank. The vast majority of items (99.5%+) will be able to be captured. Assuming your business previously had daily couriers depositing items, or key office staff, Remote Deposit Capture allows you to reduce your transportation needs substantially.

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